Our 1000th store is now open!

Evolving alongside the people of Hong Kong for over 40 years, 7-Eleven is always close by bringing convenience to our customers wherever they are, whenever they need. To mark the opening of our 1000th store, we have many exciting promotions coming your way!


More Stores More Flavours

The more stores 7-Eleven has, the more new flavours our own brand 7-SELECT have for you. Not only we have tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner options, you can always treat yourself with our snacks at teatime and bedtime because 7-SELECT is always here for you night and day.

Limited Edition Cooler Bag

Purchase any 7-SELECT products +$45 to redeem a limited-edition cooler bag. It is suitable for carrying meal boxes to work and school in weekdays and to beaches and picnics in weekends.