Community support with Pei Ho Counterparts

7-Eleven is committed to giving back to the community and making a difference at the grassroots level. Partnering with Pei Ho Counterparts, an organisation that provides food to the elderly and homeless, the 7-Eleven You + Me volunteer team joined Ming Gor (Chan Cheuk-ming) and his volunteer team to visit those in need of assistance.

The volunteer team consisted of team members from different departments, from store to store support centre. They helped to distribute 350 boxed meals and packed 660 goodie bags. By packing and delivering goodie bags and boxed meals to the homeless and the homes of the elderly, volunteers sent their warmest regards to the people in need of care.​

7-Eleven goes green

7-Eleven has deployed a series of in-store energy saving initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. It has been adopting LED lighting and signs as well as an energy-efficient air-conditioning system to reduce carbon emission. It has also installed sliding doors for in-store refrigerators in order to reduce cold air loss. Ultimately, all of these initiatives play a role in protecting the environment. 7-Eleven Hong Kong has received the prestigious "CLP GreenPlus Recognition Award – Energy Saving Award" green awards, which recognize the essential role played by 7-Eleven in promoting environmental protection awareness and energy-saving initiatives.

In-store recycling program

As the world’s leading convenience store, 7-Eleven plays an active role in tackling climate change by implementing an in-store recycling initiative. Recycling boxes are placed in selected stores to encourage the recycling of waste materials. The collected waste will then be transferred to recycling centers for further processing, supporting the development of the local recycling industry.

7-Eleven aims to reduce carbon emissions through daily operations, to create a sustainable business practice and an environmentally friendly community for our customers.

Food Donation

Since 2014, 7-Eleven Hong Kong has launched a food donation initiative partnering with Foodlink Foundation. The initiative enables 7-Eleven to donate thousands of surplus bakery products to different beneficiaries every month, which further helps distribute the bakery to the people in need. Through the food donation program, we hope to reduce food disposal, and to reach out as well as show our care for the community.