​Your Path to Entrepreneurship

The Dairy Farm Company, Limited is a company that Hongkongers have grown up with and has held the operating rights for 7-Eleven in Hong Kong for over 38 years.

It has always welcomed aspiring entrepreneurs to join as franchisees and grow the business together. 7-Eleven has set up a comprehensive franchise model with access to a highly experienced team that provides franchisees with support in many aspects including store operations training, consultancy services, finan-cial processing, logistics management and marketing. We sincerely invite you to join as a 7-Eleven franchisee and begin your entrepreneurship journey!

After becoming a franchisee, you will be able to:

✓ Select a fully renovated and equipped operational store that is ready for business

✓ Start your business at a cost-effective price, where the inventory deposit can be returned on expiration of the contract

✓ Enjoy complimentary in-store operational training

✓ Manage multiple stores simultaneously

✓ Receive operational advice from a professional team

✓ Have around the clock access to a data analytics system to help improve your business

✓ Receive a high level of marketing support

In addition, we conduct regular franchise seminars to help those who are inter-ested in starting their own business and joining us to deepen their understand-ing of franchising.

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​Some Franchise Facts & Figure

· How many years has the longest established franchisee been working with us?
  A: More than 32 years
· What has been the shortest time taken to grow a franchise from one sin-gle store to two?
  A: 6 months
· What is the highest number of stores currently run by one existing fran-chisee?
  A: A total of 8 stores
· How old is our youngest franchisee?
  A: Only 20 years old ​

​A part timer turned boss

Ho Fu Ho

Fu Ho had worked in many different industries from transportation, selling stationery to fast food restaurants. However, he’d never been able to find the right career path and his monthly income was very limited. That was until 2011 when Fu Ho was referred by a friend and started working as a Store Assistant, at a 7-Eleven franchise store on Wyndham Street. He discovered that he really enjoyed meeting the different types of customers that he encountered every day. In addition, when he was put in charge of running the store, he felt a great sense of achievement undertaking challenging duties such as training new hires and growing the business.

After gaining several years of operational experience, the idea of becoming his own boss was planted in his mind. However, he felt that he lacked commercial experience; he was afraid of starting from scratch and wary of the financial pressures of going into business on his own, so he was hesitant to make a move. Then in 2014, with the encouragement and support of his then employer who was a franchisee, and his friends and family, he decided to take that first step. After gaining some understanding, he discovered that 7-Eleven had a comprehensive recruitment process, which helped those starting up to select suitable pilot stores from existing stores, which greatly reduced the financial burden of store fit-outs. In October of the same year, he finally applied and successfully joined 7-Eleven in April of the following year, operating his first franchise store in Central. In December last year, he took it to the next level taking over his second franchise store in Lan Kwai Fong. At present, he is actively preparing to take on his third store!

Fu Ho was extremely happy to start his own business under the leadership of 7-Eleven, which opened the door to a wonderful career!

​Making his childhood dreams a reality

Chu Ka Ho

As a child, Ka Ho would go every day after school to 7-Eleven to buy snacks such as sweets, curry fish balls or add value to his Octopus card. He would sometimes also accompany his mother to 7-Eleven to pay the bills.

Ever since then, he had been curious about how such a small 7-Eleven store could fulfill so many customers’ daily necessities. Driven by this desire to find out, after completing Form 5 in secondary school, Ka Ho worked as a part-time Store Assistant nearby his home at the 7-Eleven franchise store in Hung Shui Kiu, Yuen Long. He was quickly given a full-time position due to his hard work and good attitude. Later, he was promoted to Store Manager by the then franchisee to help manage one of his stores.

After five years, he made it his career goal to operate his own franchise 7-Eleven store. However, since the Hung Shui Kiu store was already managed by a franchisee at the time, he was worried that there were not many stores available. So, even with the support of all those around him, he did not dare make his move. However, he later found out that he could take over a company-operated store as a franchisee. No longer worried about finding a store to run, he officially applied to join as a franchisee in October 2014. After completing a 10-week training course, he successfully took over a company-operated store in Yuen Long in March 2015. Due to his past practical experience, he successfully got the business back on track in a short period of time leading a motivated team with marketing support from 7-Eleven. Besides increasing profitability, maintaining a good relationship with customers gives him immense satisfaction!

Ka Ho was very lucky to have chosen the right entrepreneurial path and has now made his childhood dream job a reality.