Qualification criteria

As a franchisee, you must:

  • Be a permanent resident of Hong Kong
  • Be interested in owning a business
  • Be able to obtain all licenses necessary for store operation
  • Be able to receive 60 to 90 days of in-job training
  • Be a full-time operator who is willing to take on challenges in a competitive market environment
  • Not operating a competing store
  • Retail or service experience is preferred
  • Apply as an individual
  • Have a high school education or above


  • Have at least seven staff members
  • Have a working captial of HKD$650,000-$750,000.

Experience and skill set

  • Have a keen business sense and good interpersonal skills
  • Have organization skills and management experience
  • Have managerial skills
  • Be fluent in Cantonese, conversable in basic English and Mandarin
  • Basic computer skills

Becoming a franchisee