“Relax with Rilakkuma™” October-limited promotional activity

To mark the 15th birthday of Japan’s popular cartoon character, Rilakkuma™, 7-Eleven is bringing Rilakkuma™ and its friends to stores this autumn! Friends include Korilakkuma, Chairoikoguma and Kiiroitori, and they come in a series of cute-but-practical items for redemption! Let’s chill out with them for 3 consecutive weeks, and spread their “chillax” spirit around every corner of Hong Kong, leveling up the happiness index of Hong Kong people!

Redemption Details

Redeem upon spending every $20* purchase or purchase directly at 7-Eleven.

*Redeem two items upon HK$40 purchase and so on. Maximum 5 items per transaction, excluding purchase of cigarettes, milk powder, online game products, redemption products and other services. Please refer to in-store posters for information.

Terms & Conditions

“Relax with Rilakkuma™” October-limited promotional activity
Terms & Conditions:

1. Transaction at shops at Inspiration Lake Recreation Center, Team Disney, Hong Kong Disney Resort, Ngong Ping Village and AsiaWorld-Expoare excluded.
2. The product quantity at the store shall prevail. Please contact our store staffs for details.
3. Redeem one item upon every HK$20* purchase (redeem two items upon HK$40* purchase and so on). Maximum 5 items per transaction
4. Products are available while stocks last. No pre-order is available.
5. These products are inapplicable for 5% discount paid by Hang Seng enjoy card.
6. Images are for reference only, real products should be considered as final.
7. 7-Eleven reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.
*Purchase of cigarettes, milk powder, online game products and other services, e.g. Octopus reloading / last 10 transactions print out, Macau Pass add-value, e-wallet top up, bill payment / remittance / donation, purchase of gift card / pre-paid card / subscription card / Octopus Card / Octopus Ornament / Macau Pass card / mobile pre-paid SIM card or recharge voucher / redemption items, products of vending machine, ticketing service / stamps, photocopy / fax, battery recharge service, parcel pick-up and return, pre-payment, locker / shoe repairing / key duplication, Inspiration Lake activities / parking fee payment and self-serve laundry service are excluded from spending amount.

1st wave: The 3-Dimensional hand-held silicone MINI BAG that “chillaxes” with you

The four cute characters transform into the “3-dimensional hand-held MINI BAG”, which fans cannot help but scream “KAWAII”! Made of silicone, the MINI BAG is abrasion-resistant, non-toxic, and easy to clean! Also, the bag is perfect for storing small items like Octopus, keys, earphones and lipsticks, tidying up your handbag in an instant! Each MINI BAG is attached with a lanyard, making it easy to take out from the handbag, or hook on the arm. Extra convenient to put into handbags or simply used alone!

Redemption period:

Stock arrives stores starting 1 Oct 2018 (products are available while stock lasts)

Redemption mechanism:

Rilakkuma™ or Korilakkuma hand-held MINI BAG: Redeem one bag at $99 upon spending every $20* purchase or purchase directly at $139.

Chairoikoguma or Kiiroitori hand-held MINI BAG: Redeem one bag at $59 upon spending every $20* purchase or purchase directly at $89.

2nd wave: The perfect remedy for girls in the dryness of autumn

Our skin and hair are prone to moisture loss in autumn, making it dry and flaky. Once we take off our scarf and cardigan, our hair is more likely to generate static electricity. The “Rilakkuma™ Ceramic Hot Brush” is designed to release negative ions, soothing dry hair by eliminating static, rewarding girls with a goddess-like aura!

The “Rilakkuma™ USB Humidifier” uses ultrasonic atomization technology to enhance air humidity, providing a uniform, continuous and delicate mist. This keeps surrounding air moist, and is most suitable for people who often goes in and out of air-conditioned rooms. Rilakkuma™ and Kiiroitori “lies down” to decorate the top of the humidifier, and they look more relaxed than ever! It is blissful and soothing to have Rilakkuma™ and their friends to accompany you this fall.

“Rilakkuma™ Ceramic Hot Brush”

• Dual-voltage design of 100-240V, comes with an outer bag and cleaning brush, weighing about 435 grams

• 1.85m long power cord with 360-degree tangle-free design

• Variable temperature ranges from 120°C-199°C, equipped with automatic shutdown function

“Rilakkuma™ USB Humidifier”

• Water capacity: 160 ml

• Spray volume: 10-35ml / hour

• Accessories: 1 white USB cable (about 90 cm long), 2 absorbent cotton swabs, Chinese and English operating instructions

Redemption period: Starting from 10 Oct 2018 (7a.m.) (products are available while stock lasts)

Redemption mechanism:

Rilakkuma™ Ceramic Hot Brush: Redeem one brush at $249 upon spending every $20* purchase or purchase directly at $359.

Rilakkuma™ USB Humidifier: Redeem one humidifier at $129 upon spending every $20* purchase or purchase directly at $199.

​3rd  wave: Super cute “chillax” jumbo-sized plush

Jumbo-sized Rilakkuma™ and Korilakkuma is lying flat on their tummy, feeling more chillaxed than ever. The multi-purpose giant plush can be your listener, or serves as a hug-cushion or pillow!

The sweet-toothed Rilakkuma™ brings together with it a honey jar, while Korilakkuma brings with it a picnic basket! Both of them lies flat on the floor relaxingly, making them one of the adorable must-collect items for fans!

Redemption period:

Starting from 17 Oct 2018 (7a.m.) (products are available while stock lasts)

Redemption mechanism:

Redeem one plush at $129 upon spending every $20 purchase or purchase one at $199 directly.