“Explore the town with Chibi Maruko-chan!”

Bilibala bilibala! 7-Eleven brings us a new wintry surprise! 7-Eleven joins hands with popular Japanese manga series “Chibi Maruko-chan” and famous toy brand BANBAO, to launch the “Our Neighborhood Scene” brick set collection! The street scenes are exquisitely designed and crafted, inciting a city-wide redemption craze! Each street scene comes with a special character. Collect the 8 different scenes to assemble together the dainty town and have Chibi Maruko-chan and friends tour you around the little streets and alleys!

Redemption Details

Receive one stamp upon a HK$20* purchase at 7-Eleven, and one more stamp for every additional HK$10 purchase

Redemption details of “Our Neighborhood Scene” brick set

Redeem one brick set randomly# with 22 stamps for free or 5 stamps plus HK$20.

#All items are distributed randomly and are non-exchangeable.
*Excluding cigarettes and other service items, please refer to details on in-store posters

​Download Stamp Collection Card​Redemption Tips

Stamp Issuance Period: 21 Nov 2018 (7 am) – 1 Jan 2019

Redemption Period for “Our Neighborhood Scene” brick set: 21 Nov 2018 (7 am) – 4 Jan 2019

Terms & Conditions

“Explore the town with Chibi Maruko-chan!” promotion

Terms & Conditions:

1. Stamp issuance period: 21st November 2018 7a.m. to 1st January 2019.
2. Our Neighborhood Scene redemption period: 21st November 2018 7a.m to 4th January 2019.
3. Receive 1 stamp upon HK$20# purchase at 7-Eleven, and one more stamp for every additional HK$10 purchase
4. Redeem one Our Neighborhood Scene with 22 stamps for free or 5 stamps plus HK$20.
5. All redemption items are pre-packed and are given out randomly; customers are not allowed to choose.
6. The stamp card will be collected upon all items redemption, additional stamps cannot be returned.
7. Awarded stamps will be counted and distributed at cashier for every transaction, no claim is allowed afterwards.
8. Stamps are counted on a per transaction basis. All damage, smudge and forge are treated as void stamps, and will not be accepted.
9. Stamps must be returned together with any product refund or return.
10. Only intact, true copied and photocopied stamp cards are accepted, all other versions are invalid.
11. The product quantity at the store shall prevail. Each customer is eligible to redeem a maximum of 20pcs of redemption item in stock per day. Re-ordering is available when the redemption quantity of Our Neighborhood Scene exceeds 20pcs. Pick up date of re-ordering items is subjected to stock availability. Please contact our store staffs for details.
12. Limited Edition Items are available while stocks last. No re-order is available.
13. Transaction at shops at Inspiration Lake Recreation Center and Team Disney, Hong Kong Disney Resort are excluded.
14. 7-Eleven reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.
#Purchase of cigarettes, milk powder, online game products (except the specific products from the promotion), redemption items and other services, e.g. Octopus reloading / last 10 transactions print out, Macau Pass add-value, bill payment / remittance / donation, purchase of gift card / pre-paid card / subscription card / Octopus Card / Macau Pass card / mobile pre-paid SIM card / recharge voucher / phone card / Wi-Fi card / redemption items / products of vending machine, ticketing service / stamps, photocopy / fax, battery recharge, courier service / fulfilment / pre-payment / catalogue sales, photofinishing, locker / shoe repairing / key duplication and Inspiration Lake activities / parking fee pre-payment are excluded from spending amount.

7 characters in 8 scenes, assembling together lovely street scenes!

7 popular characters appear and gather at 8 neighborhood scenes, they include the cute Maruko, the funny Noguchi, and the easy-going Butaro. Some brick sets are decorated with 2.5D design, which makes the street scenes more realistic and authentic. Apart from the plastic brick set, each scene also comes with a mini human figurine and a sticker set. Feel the fun of building with your own hands! It is indeed a must-have item for building block fans!

​Two “hidden” versions for a big surprise!

The little parts and details of “Our Neighborhood Scene” are made exquisitely and paired with unique Hong Kong local features, creating resonance in locals! Each set comes with a manual which gives clear instructions for assembling, making it easy for you to build your neighborhood scenes.

Among them, 7-Eleven Maruko’s Store and Butaro’s Herbal Tea Shop comes with an extra sticker set. Want to know how special is it? Redeem a set to unveil a surprise for yourself!

​ “The Chibi Maruko-chan school bag store and alarm clock” brick set, waking you up on time everyday!

“The Chibi Maruko-chan school bag store and alarm clock” brick set comes with a plastic brick set, a mini human figurine, a set of stickers, as well as an alarm clock WITH Chibi Maruko-chan’s voice! Chibi Maruko-chan’s Hong Kong voice actress wakes Chibi’s fans using her usual funny tone. The school bag store serves two purposes, apart from waking up sleepy Maruko fans, it can be used as a collection kit to hold together the 8 “Our Neighborhood Scene”, transforming it into a unique and personalized neighborhood space. In the schoolbag store, you see diligent boss Maruko selling the classic red Japanese schoolbags. She’s waiting for you to come!

Some tips: From 21 November 2018 7am onwards, customers can redeem a set of “Chibi Maruko-chan school bag store and alarm clock” brick set upon any purchase plus $238.

​Limited edition living landmarks to create more memories

Tama-chan and Tomozo are tourists this time and they are at the famous landmarks - Clock tower and Temple street for a selfie! The two characters are wearing something different from that in “Warm Little Neighborhood Scenes”, leaving fans with more choices when assembling. The details reflect Hong Kong’s local features, we are sure you would recognize them!

Some tips: Starting 5 Dec 2018 7am, customers can redeem a set of “living landmarks” with 5 stamps plus $34. While stock lasts, no pre-ordering allowed.

Each customer is eligible to redeem a maximum of 3pcs of living landmarks in stock per day.

​Limited Edition Public Transport bricks

Popular characters Noguchi, Butaro, and Mum takes featured transportation to various parts of Hong Kong. They are wearing clothes different from the set in “Warm Little Neighborhood Scenes”, adding fun for fans! The details are exquisite and full of local features of Hong Kong. We are sure you will love it!

Some tips: Starting 12 Dec 2018 7am, customers can redeem a “public transport” brick set with 5 stamps plus $34. While stock lasts, no pre-ordering allowed.

Each customer is eligible to redeem a maximum of 3pcs of public transport in stock per day.