Disney Tsum Tsum Drawer redemption campaign

7-Eleven partners with Disney Tsum Tsum to launch the drawer redemption campaign! 7-Eleven brings a total of 6 Disney Tsum Tsum characters to form 12 adorable drawers! The design is cute and iconic - each drawer is attached with a 3-dimensional Disney Tsum Tsum character knob! You can even mix and match to create your preferred combination, making it a must-have for collectors!

Redemption Details

Receive one stamp upon a HK$20* purchase at 7-Eleven, and one more stamp for every additional HK$10 purchase.

Redemption details of Disney Tsum Tsum Drawer
Redeem one drawer# randomly with 22 stamps for free or 5 stamps plus HK$26.

#All items are distributed randomly and are non-exchangeable.
*Excluding cigarettes and other service items, please refer to details on in-store posters

Redemption TipsDownload Stamp Collection Card

Stamp Issuance Period: 4 July 2018 (7am) - 28 August 2018

Disney Tsum Tsum Drawer redemption period: 4 July 2018 (7am) - 4 September 2018

Terms & Conditions

Disney Tsum Tsum Promotion

Terms & Conditions:
1. Stamp issuance period: 4 July 2018 7a.m. to 28 August 2018.
2. Disney Tsum Tsum drawer redemption period: 4 July 2018 7a.m. to 4 September 2018.
3. Disney Tsum Tsum ornament eco-bag redemption period: 25 July 2018 7a.m. to 4 September 2018.
4. Receive 1 stamp upon HK$20# purchase at 7-Eleven, and one more stamp for every additional HK$10 purchase
5. Redeem one Disney Tsum Tsum drawer with 22 stamps for free or 5 stamps plus HK$26.
6. Redeem one Disney Tsum Tsum ornament eco-bag with 5 stamps plus HK$38.
7. All redemption items are pre-packed and are given out randomly; customers are not allowed to choose.
8. The stamp card will be collected upon all item redemptions, additional stamps cannot be returned.
9. Awarded stamps will be counted and distributed at cashier for every transaction, no claim is allowed afterwards.
10. Stamps are counted on a per transaction basis. All damage, smudge and forge are treated as void stamps, and will not be accepted.
11. Stamps must be returned together with any product refund or return.
12. Only intact, true copied and photocopied stamp cards are accepted, all other versions are invalid.
13. The product quantity at the store shall prevail. Each customer is eligible to redeem a maximum of 20pcs of redemption item in stock per day. Pre-ordering is available when the redemption quantity of Disney Tsum Tsum drawer exceeds 20pcs. Pick up date of pre-ordering items is subjected to stock availability. Please contact our store staff for details.
14. Limited Edition Items are available while stocks last. No pre-order is available.
15. Transaction at shops at Inspiration Lake Recreation Center and Team Disney, Hong Kong Disney Resort are excluded.
16. 7-Eleven reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes.
#Purchase of cigarettes, milk powder, online game products (except the specific products from the promotion) and other services, e.g. Octopus reloading / last 10 transactions print out, Macau Pass add-value, bill payment / remittance / donation, purchase of gift card / pre-paid card / subscription card / Octopus Card / Macau Pass card / mobile pre-paid SIM card / recharge voucher / phone card / Wi-Fi card / redemption items / products of vending machine, ticketing service / stamps, photocopy / fax, battery recharge, courier service / fulfilment / pre-payment / catalogue sales, photofinishing, locker / shoe repairing / key duplication and Inspiration Lake activities / parking fee pre-payment are excluded from spending amount.

Cuteness overload! Head or bottom?

Each drawer is attached with the head or bottom of a Tsum Tsum character. The design is thoughtful - for drawers attached with "head" knobs, the graphic of its corresponding "bottom" is printed on the drawer body; and for drawers attached with "bottom" knobs, the graphic of its corresponding "head" is also printed on the drawer body. "Heads" and "bottoms" are freely combinable, making it extremely adorable! Another iconic design is that each drawer is printed with the hashtag of its character name, making it a must-have for fans!

Practical and fun - kids and adults adore!

The drawer knobs are in the form of character "heads" or "bottoms", making them not only functional but cute!

With a simple turn, the Tsum Tsum 3D character knob can be removed from the drawer, meaning that the "heads" and "bottoms" can reunite to become a whole! The stackable design makes it cute and fun, fulfilling three wishes at a time!

A thoughtful design to fit your needs

Each drawer is made with a little slot, the size of a finger, which allows easy pull out of the drawer. The top four corners of each drawer are designed with four little dents respectively, which can be locked tight with the four fitting protrusions on each bottom corner. This allows drawers to be stacked up easily, ultimately saving storage space. The drawer is made of plastic, and measures approximate 7cm x7cm x 7cm (not including the character knob). Fans can place small items such as stationery and jewellery inside.

A fully customised solution by creating your favourite combination!

The drawers are colourful and chic. They are stackable and modular, offering an easy and accessible solution to create your favourite combinations!

Disney Tsum Tsum ornament eco-bag (limited edition)

Disney’s popular characters Mike, Elsa, Stitch and Winnie the Pooh appear in four limited edition eco-bags! From now on, you can bring your Tsum Tsum with you anytime and anywhere!

​ Easy-to-carry everyday bag, with your chosen Tsum Tsum ornament

The Tsum Tsum limited edition eco-bag is thoughtfully designed - it is foldable and can be easily stuffed into the Tsum Tsum ornament for storage. When the bag is carried, the Tsum Tsum ornament can be hung on the shoulder strap.
The eco-bag measures approx. 40cm (tall) x 45cm (wide). It is adorable, practical, and your essential everyday bag! A must-have item to collect this summer!
Redeem one ornament eco-bag randomly with 5 stamps plus HK$38. Limited edition items are available while stock lasts. No pre-ordering is available.