“Let’s Take a Brick! Fun Town Collection” Shinchan Collectible Programme 

7-Eleven has teamed up with the beloved characters from “Crayon Shinchan” and some popular brands to launch a series of BANBAO brick models, so you can create your own town. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, ten themed Brick Stores as well as a 7-Eleven Mini Store Set are being launched. Each set contains a selection of bricks to construct your own unique mini town!

Brick Store Redemption Details

Receive one stamp upon a $20# purchase, and one more stamp for every additional $10 purchase. Redeem 2 Brick Stores randomly* with 10 stamps plus $76, or 1 Brick Store randomly with 6 stamps plus $45 or 7,000 yuu points plus $5.

  • Stamp issuance period: 28 Apr 2021 (7 am) – 8 Jun 2021 
  • “Brick Stores” redemption period: 28 Apr 2021 (7 am) – 11 Jun 2021
  • “Brick Stores” redemption period if using yuu points to redeem: 28 Apr 2021 (7 am) – 8 Jun 2021 
  • “Brick Stores” pick-up period if using yuu points to redeem: 28 Apr 2021 (7 am) – 11 Jun 2021

#Excluding cigarettes and service items. Please refer to terms and conditions for details.
*Items are distributed randomly and are non-exchangeable. 

Terms and Conditions

Stamp Card

Collect all ten Brick Stores and create your very own town with Crayon Shinchan and friends!

Each Brick Store is themed to showcase a well-known brand, ranging from snacks, drinks, beer to yuu Rewards. Each set also comes with a figure from Crayon Shinchan: Shinchan, Hiroshi Nohara, Misae Nohara, Buriburizaemon, Matsuzaka Sensei and Shiro. Each figure has their own lovable expression and movable limbs so you can position them however and wherever you like! So, collect the full set of ten Brick Stores and build your very own fun town!

Brick fans will love the exquisite detail and movable parts of each set!

Each Brick Store is jam-packed with fun little details but also boasts unique movable parts! For example, the San Miguel Brick Store has two beer mugs on the roof that you can turn around. So, you and Hiroshi Nohara can kanpai to your heart’s content! At the Lay’s Brick Store, you can rotate the potato chip piece a full 360 degrees in whichever direction you wish! 

Each Brick Store includes a set of store bricks, a character figure, stickers and instruction manual. The manual contains simple step-by-step directions with diagrams so you can build each Brick Store with ease. Each Brick Store contains approximately 50 pieces so fun times are guaranteed!

Complete your fun town with the 7-Eleven Mini Store Set

The 7-Eleven Mini Store Set includes a 7-Eleven store - its unique two storey design has an open-air café on the upstairs terrace where you and your character figures can chill out and view the town below. The set also includes 2 LED bricks so you can light up your store at the press of a button! Just like any other 7-Eleven, it’s open around the clock and ready to serve customers, day and night. Each set contains three baseplates - build your 7-Eleven store on and then attach the other accessories that come with the set including streetlights, a post box, a rubbish bin and railings. You can also position your collection of Brick Stores and create your own fun town where Shinchan and his friends and family can play. Unleash your creativity and let your imagination take over! 

Visit 7-Eleven now and start collecting the 7-Eleven Mini Store Set and the complete series of all ten Brick Stores!

7-Eleven Mini Store Set Redemption Details

From 28 April (7 am) to 11 June 2021, you can redeem one 7-Eleven Mini Store Set with any purchase# from 7-Eleven* plus $168. While stocks last. 

Exclusive Pre-order for yuu Members: 7-Eleven Container Truck

7-Eleven is launching a limited-edition 7-Eleven Container Truck, complete with eight brick delivery boxes and driver character figure. Made up of 405 bricks, the model is packed full of detail, featuring truck steps, rear lights, wheels that actually move and more! This mega truck also comes with 3 LED bricks so when you open the container door, the lights switch on at the press of a button. Plus, the container door, driver’s door and cab’s open-top roof are all movable.

The 7-Eleven Container Truck is a special limited-edition item just for yuu members. So, don’t miss out!

Approx. assembled size:  30.5cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 13.5cm (H)

7-Eleven Container Truck Pre-order Details

You just need:

1.18,000yuu points + $168 to pre-order one 7-Eleven Container Truck or;

2. 6,000yuu points + $248 to pre-order one 7-Eleven Container Truck

*Pre-order period: 30 April (7 am) to 18 May 2021

*Pick-up period: 25 May (7 aym) to 31 May 2021

*Please mention this offer when making payment and show the redemption QR code to pre-order.

*Pictures are for reference only and may differ from actual product. Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions